Amazon The Drop – A smart move?

Amazon Fashion presented, last June, The Drop, a new shopping experience that revolves around the notions of exclusivity and rarity. Produced by the influencer Paola Alberdi, the first collection is now available via the Amazon application or from a mobile browser.

Ever heard of hype brands dropping new sneakers in very limited amounts and short time frames? Supreme has made it its business model, as well as many streetwear brands.

Collaborating with major Instagrammers

This is what Amazon Fashion is now offering with its new shopping concept, The Drop, which takes the form of ready-to-wear collections created by women influencers from all over the world.

The project includes influencers such as: Paola Alberdi, with 1M followers but also Emi Suzuki (1M), Leonie Hanne (1.9M) and Patricia Bright (1M).

Less pieces, less waste

However, The Drop does not only consist in launching exclusive collections with influencers. The notion of scarcity is also important since the creations, offered in limited edition, are only available for 30 hours. However, it can be even less if the quantity of fabric planned reaches the limit.

This is because of the on demand production of each piece after every order. A way to reduce waste at a time when the debate on unsold items is at the heart of the news, pointing to e-commerce giants in particular.

The project has resulted in several collections. The first one, directed by Paola Alberdi, focuses on her personal style. The street-style trends that surround her also takes part in her inspiration.

“I am more than grateful to Amazon for the trust they place in me by being the first influencer to launch The Drop. (…) I have worked hard for many years to create a brand that looks like me and I have done the same with this collection” says Paola Alberdi in a release.

Ladies only?

A question emerges from this: will this concept only target a female audience like sneaker drops mainly appeal to male audiences? Or is Amazon planning to cater to men’s appetite for their favorite instagrammer’s style? The current branding suggests that young women are the main target, but only time will tell us what could happen.

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