Is Goyard the new LV?

Unless you’ve been living in a remote area, you must have seen someone carrying a bag with this pattern:

© Goyard

This, my dear, is Goyard, a House that specialises in luxury trunks and bags. What made this brand so iconic, is the very distinctive Goyardine, a monogrammed canvas

Remember the trunk from Rihanna’s B**** Better Have My Money video? Well, that was a Goyard piece. It’s been around for a while, but so discreet you might have missed it.

‘Louis’ who?

In a way, it might remind you of Louis Vuitton (YES, I dare to make the comparison). They’re both houses that were created around travel and a staple monogram pattern. Their price ranges are similar. But what’s the difference? Goyard was founded in 1792, while Louis Vuitton only started in 1854.

© Goyard

So how do they do it?

It’s all about mystery. Ever seen a Goyard advertisement when scrolling on Facebook or in a busy street? You sure haven’t, because the house’s strategy relies mainly on discretion. It’s like the concept of scarcity, but popularity-wise. Isn’t it so attractive for a luxury brand to be so exclusive, that only a small circle of privileged individuals own pieces? The mere idea of being part of that elite makes the bags strongly desirable.

So, little to no PR, no interviews and very few items for mass public. That’s much more powerful than any marketing campaign you could ever think of. There’s also no way to buy directly from their website, in an era where every luxury brand has jumped in the e-commerce bandwagon. Want a Goyard trunk for your next trip to Lake Como? You’ll need to go get it in-store, like in the old days – or make a phone call. I a way, this gives off a very vintage service kind of vibe.

But is it still only for the elites though?

Well, with the era of social media and and people always needing to flex on their followers (think “hype culture”), Goyard has gained lots of popularity in the mainstream fashion sphere. Just like Louis Vuitton and Hermès, the french house is becoming a social statement, a tool to assert financial success. The rich and famous may have to share some space in the circle of cool kids.

© Goyard
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