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Model Focus: Hunter Schafer

Hunter Schafer is HBO’s Euphoria co-star, alongside Zendaya. As a big-time Euphoria fan, I cannot pass on this model.

Hunter Schafer is the actress who plays Jules in the series. You know, that real-life anime character with long blonde hair and pastel pink outfits? As soon as I came across her, I knew I’d like her, without knowing why. I just thought there was something strangely special about her. But that’s a story for another time. Today, we’re focusing on Schafer the model.

A tricky beginning

Schafer was born in 1999 in North Carolina, a boy (yes, in case you didn’t know, she’s a transwoman). Her dad is a Presbyterian minister, which would make anyone wonder how things were accepted in her family.

But her life has not always been the glitz and glam we see her in nowadays. From a very young age, Schafer had to face homophobia and transphobia. Because she identified as the opposite gender, things were not always easy. When she was barely 12 years old, she told her parents she was gay, and months later, when she started to grow a mustache, she realized that something wasn’t right. “It’s something that didn’t resonate with me at all. Gender dysphoria is generally a sense of dread and impropriety,” she said in a 2016 North Carolina public radio interview.

Next step: gender transition. After several episodes of anxiety and depression, Hunter’s parents realized that they needed to let the once little boy go, to welcome the unique girl we know now.

An unexpected career

Years later, Hunter has become an activist and a reference for the LGTBI+ community, for thousands of young people who do not feel included. Teen Vogue gave her the cover of their special issue, in December 2017, 21 under 21 , a delivery that compiles a score of young people who will change the world in the not too distant future.

“When the discriminatory HB2 bathroom bill was passed in North Carolina, where I’m from, I came onto the case as a plaintiff to be a testament to the trans and gay communities,”

Hunter Schafer

This activism brought visibility to the teenager who even met Hillary Clinton, who was Teen Vogue’s guest editor. Quite the achievement!
Schafer was offered to attend the prestigious London Central Saint Martins University in 2017. However, she declined (to save for her tuition,which is not cheap) and moved to New York to become a model, which blew up pretty fast. She met an Elite Model Management agent, who signed her on the spot. After a short while, she started walking Helmut Lang, Dior, Miu Miu, Mansur Gavriel, and Marc Jacobs catwalks. You could spot her blonde head on several magazine covers worldwide – the fashion industry loved her dreamy yet cool looks

Her current modeling agencies:

From modelling to acting

In 2019, our blondie was starting to consider quitting modeling. She was not not making the money she expected:

I worked with some of my favorite designers on the planet, but I never really made a lot of money. I was living paycheck to paycheck.

When HBO came up with Euphoria, Hunter’s modeling agent called her to let her know that the producers asked for her to audition, even though she had no experience in acting (which, honestly, I couldn’t tell when watching).

Since then, the new actress has turned into a role-model for a whole generation of trans individuals. A big responsibility, but as she said: “I don’t really know if it’s up to me anymore.” In a way, her personality and activism remind me of Adwoa Aboah.

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