Ugly luxury : has fashion gone too far?

Last September, I was walking around in the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann mall, when I came across the Margiela area while waiting for a conference to begin. I’ve always been attracted to Margiela’s avant-garde aesthetics, so I thought I’d take a look at their current items.

And that’s when a shoe caught my eye. A white sneaker on a shelf, next to a holographic one. My curiosity made me grab it and that’s when it hit me: it had melted glue dripping all over it, on purpose!

This is not a case of sloppily made sneakers somewhere in an Asian sweatshop. This overflow of glue was actually part of the design! The sneaker is called Fusion and as weird as it looks, the concept is genius to me.

Most people would likely find it ridiculous looking, but that’s where it finds its uniqueness – the fact that some items look ugly on purpose turns them exclusive, attractive to creative individuals.

This raises a fact: the fashion industry is creating an interest for the odd and ugly. Millennials have shown to be able to put together outfits that would make their parents cringe. Just think of the Balenciaga x Crocs collaboration and you’ll get what I mean.

Nowadays, it’s becoming acceptable to become a walking meme just for the sake of fashion. Not being serious about the whole thing has become cool.

It’s not about dressing to get other people’s approval anymore, it’s about raising eyebrows.

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